Fraser Horton
Fraser Horton
Last Updated on July 22, 2021

Sometimes you find yourself in the mood to skip the joint and smoke from a bong, but what happens if you don’t have a bong lying around? Luckily, you don’t need to have a glass bong at all times with you when you want a big puff. The cannabis community is creative enough and has found numerous ways to smoke some fragrant nugs, even without rolling papers.

Sometimes all you need is a plastic water bottle. It can actually be repurposed and made into a bong in more ways than one. Next time you’re out camping and you have a hankering, try the following methods to make yourself a homemade bong. Let’s go!

A Few Ways You Can Repurpose a Plastic Bottle for a DIY Bong

A plastic bottle can be a handy little thing if you know how to utilize it. To make a smoking device out of a bottle, you’ll need enthusiasm and some basic household items as DIY-ing it is a piece of cake. 

Some of these bongs are great for larger groups of people because they can hold larger quantities of smoke. They usually produce large clouds of cannabis that may be too much for inexperienced users. But for seasoned smokers, getting some nice hits of THC and CBD will be more than welcome.

For these devices, it’s best to use a water bottle because they don’t have any residue. If you’re using a soda bottle, make sure you rinse it and dry it well before you use it.

Let’s see what DIY plastic bottle bongs you can make.

Try the Classic Gravity Bong

The gravity bong is a well-loved DIY smoking device because it makes massive amounts of smoke which a lot of users love. The gravity bong is very powerful because it forces a heavy concentration of smoke into the lungs in one go.

To make a gravity bong, you’ll need:

  • small bottle (16-20 oz)
  • big bottle (2-ltr)
  • aluminum foil
  • sharp knife
  • toothpick or another poking item

The steps:

  1. Take the sharp knife and cut off the bottom part of the smaller bottle. Don’t cut off too much as this will reduce the space where the smoke collects;
  2. Next, cut off the top of the larger bottle. Again, don’t cut too much off, you want both bottles to be similar in height;
  3. Fill the larger bottle with water and submerge the smaller bottle in it;
  4. Unscrew the bottle cap of the smaller bottle and discard it, then cover the mouthpiece with a small concave bowl that you will make from aluminum foil. Use a toothpick to poke a few small holes in it so air can get through. Don’t wrap the bowl too tightly around the mouthpiece because you’ll be removing it later; 
  5. Then, put some weed on the aluminum foil bowl and light it. The top of the smaller bottle will start filling up with smoke and this is when you should start lifting it up and away from the water, but don’t remove it completely. You want the bottom part of the bottle to still stay in the water;
  6. When it’s filled with smoke, remove the bowl from the mouthpiece and start inhaling. As you’re inhaling, you should simultaneously push the bottle back into the water, so that the pressure can force the smoke into your lungs;

Make a More Conventional Plastic Bottle Pipe

Making a water bottle bong is by far the most conventional DIY use of a plastic bottle for smoking purposes. It’s not as powerful and smooth as the gravity bong, but when you’re in a pinch or want a less overwhelming smoking experience, this DIY device will serve its purpose very well. 

You’ll need:

  • water bottle (a standard 16.9 oz is the best)
  • pair of scissors
  • piece of aluminum foil
  • toothpick

The process:

  1. Take your bottle and discard the cap as you will be covering it with a makeshift bowl;
  2. Make a small bowl from the piece of aluminum foil to cover the mouthpiece. It’s best to secure the bowl tightly around the opening of the bottle. Use the toothpick to poke a few tiny holes in it;
  3. Take the pair of scissors and make a hole on the upper part of the bottle, just above where the label should be. This will be the new mouthpiece;
  4. ​Pack the bowl with the desired quantity of weed, but make sure it doesn’t spill over;
  5. Light the weed while holding the bottle upward so that the weed doesn’t fall out, then start inhaling from the mouthpiece.

Simplify it With the Waterfall Bong

The waterfall bong may be the most simple DIY bong there is. Also called “reverse gravity bong,” it’s a very smart way to inhale filtered smoke, and much less complicated than the gravity bong. Basically, the water drains from a hole at the bottom of the bottle while the bottle fills with smoke. Once the bottle is full of smoke, you can inhale.

To make the waterfall bong, you’ll need:

  • plastic bottle (1 liter is best)
  • screwdriver
  • pair of scissors
  • aluminum foil
  • toothpick

The process:

  1. Unscrew the bottle cap and use the screwdriver to make a hole in it. The hole should be large enough so you can cover it with aluminum foil to make an indented bowl for the weed. Secure the makeshift bowl onto the cap and poke a few small holes on the aluminum foil;
  2. Take the pair of scissors and pierce a small hole near the bottom of the bottle. Use the screwdriver to widen the hole if there’s a need, but don’t make it too large. It should be big enough to cover it with your finger, but not bigger than that;
  3. Load the bowl with ground herbs;
  4. Covering the hole you just made, fill the bottle with water until it reaches its neck;
  5. Screw the cap back on the bottle and light the weed. You may need an extra hand here so if you have a friend to help you, it’ll be easier;
  6. Light up the weed and when smoke starts coming out, remove your finger from the hole. The bottle should start filling up with smoke as the water spills out from the hole (like a waterfall);
  7. When the water drains and there’s enough smoke in the bottle, remove the cap and start inhaling the smoke.

Smoke From a Water Bottle Bong

The water bottle bong is considered the closest to an actual bong and it produces a similarly smooth smoke. It’s not very complicated to make, you just need a few common tools and about 15 minutes.

To make a water bottle bong, you’ll need:

  • plastic bottle (17 oz bottles are best)
  • pair of scissors or a sharp knife
  • a plastic pen, marker, or highlighter (it’s best if it’s thick)
  • aluminum foil
  • toothpick or needle

The process:

  1. First, you will need to make a downstem to hold the bowl where you load the weed. This is what the plastic pen is for (or highlighter, or marker). Whatever you have on hand, take it apart, because you’ll only need the outside shell. The empty tube will serve as the downstem;
  2. Next, make a thick and indented aluminum foil bowl using 3-4 layers of foil. Place it over one end of the empty pen tube and make sure you fold the edges well so that it can sit tight in there. Then, poke a few holes using a toothpick or a needle;
  3. Take the pair of scissors or a sharp knife to make a small hole to the side of the bottle, about an inch below the midpoint. Make the hole slightly smaller than your downstem so it can fit snuggly. If it’s too loose, it’ll defeat the purpose. Insert the downstem into the bottle.
  4. Next, make another small hole on the opposite side of the bottle, about 90 degrees from where the downstem is. Again, you can use scissors or a knife for this. This will be the carb hole, so make sure it’s not larger than your finger;
  5. Hold your newly made water bottle bong upright and carefully fill it with water until the bottom of the downstem is submerged underwater;
  6. Pack the dry herbs into the makeshift bowl. Hold the DIY bong sideways so that the downstem is sticking up but facing away from your body. Place your finger on the carb hole and light the weed in the bowl;
  7. Start pulling the smoke through the mouthpiece while still holding the carb hole. The smoke will begin to bubble up through the water;
  8. When you’re ready to inhale, remove your finger from the carb hole and start inhaling deeply.

Bottom Line – Thankfully, There Are Many DIY Options for Smoking Cannabis

If bongs are your preferred smoking device and you sometimes find yourself without one, there’s hope. As you can see, there are plenty of good DIY options for a nice smoke session. Just remember, that even though these DIY bongs are a nice replacement, you shouldn’t reuse them because they’re made of plastic, and plastic plus high heat is not a good combo. So, if you want to smoke again, just get another water bottle and make yourself another DIY bong.


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